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Jeremy Cram

Jeremy has many years of experience in the criminal courts throughout Scotland.

Having previously practiced in Hamilton, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Livingston and Dumfries he understands that each area of the country requires a unique approach when acting on behalf of a client’s case. This means he appreciates that no two cases are the same and that there can never be any “standard submission” made to the court. Each client is an individual and will have the time and care given to their case that both it and they require. We realise that going to court can be an intimidating and daunting prospect for people and Mr Cram will always try and keep the case as easy for his clients to understand as possible.

He deals with all of our firms practice areas and is an aggressive fighter in court. He prides himself on finding a solution where others don’t and not forgetting that he is his clients voice in a world they would rather not be in.

When a client finds himself in the position that they may have to plead guilty, he will make sure that they get as positive a result as is possible, whether that means keeping a driving license or staying out of prison.

He understands that the consequences of not performing well for his clients are serious and takes a committed attitude to always getting the best result. It is this attitude, together with a professional and personal service that keeps clients coming back to him when they find themselves in trouble.

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